The Litigation Department of Woo, Kwan, Lee & Lo currently has 9 partners, 10 solicitors and over 35 supporting staff with expertise and experience in both civil and criminal litigation work:

Civil litigation - Our firm represents blue-chips, red-chips and PRC stated-owned enterprises as well as small and medium sized companies and individuals in all civil litigation matters and include providing pre-litigation advice, handling civil proceedings in all levels of courts, hearings and enquiries before statutory bodies and tribunals, winding-up and bankruptcy proceedings, judicial reviews, domestic and international arbitration, and enforcement actions of judgments and awards. The nature of cases can be broadly divided into:

  • commercial matters such as contractual disputes, shareholders' disputes, breach of directors' duties, breach of trust, debts recovery, sale of goods disputes, labour disputes, construction related disputes, defamation, insurance and personal injury claims, matrimonial matters and tax appeals.
  • land related matters such as title disputes, government leases and deed of mutual covenants disputes, real estate management disputes, tenancy disputes, repossession of land and premises for redevelopment purpose or otherwise, mortgagee actions, government rent and stamp duty disputes.
  • Insurance, personal injury and medical negligence related matters such as advising insurers on policy wording and interpretations; handling policy disputes; defending insurance claims involving personal injuries, employees' compensation claims, claims involving public/third party liability, motor accidents, contractors' all risks, property damages or recovery claims, etc.; representing insurers and defendants in mediation and other means of alternative dispute resolutions; providing legal services to hospitals, clinics, healthcare service providers, defending medical negligence claims, attending coroner's inquests, obtaining expert evidence, advising liability and quantum and conducting mediations and settlement negotiations.
  • Competition law related matters such as making submissions and comments in relation to the draft guidelines issued by Competition Commission and the Communications Authority on 9 October 2014 under the Competition Ordinance, providing general advice to clients on basic principles and procedure of the Competition Ordinance (Cap 619) (before and after its operation), providing over 50 seminars to various business conglomerates, developers, public utilities companies, telecommunications companies, construction companies as well as non-profit making associations, etc., advising blue-chip conglomerates on their compliance policy and preparation of their compliance policy/ guidelines, advising and representing client on inquiry from the Competition Commission.
  • intellectual property matters such as application and registration of trademarks, designs and patents, advice on copyrights, infringement actions including applications for injunctions.

Criminal litigation - We advise and represent clients involved in criminal investigations and prosecutions of all kinds as well as in quasi-criminal investigations and disciplinary proceedings by the Stock Exchange or professional bodies.


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