Woo Kwan Lee & Lo supported Hong Kong Local Records Project
Hong Kong Local Records, which will be entitled as "A Comprehensive Local Records of Hong Kong", is Hong Kong's first Local Records.  It is both an "encyclopedia" capturing Hong Kong's geography, natural environment, history, culture, society and major events before 30 June 1997as well as an outcome of Hong Kong's "collective memories". The project is spearheaded by Lingnan University and is expected to be completed in six years with funding contributed by corporations including Woo Kwan Lee & Lo and individual members of the community.  


At the kick-off ceremony on 14 February 2007, Prof. Edward Chen (R) President of Lingnan University presented a token of appreciation to Mr. Cheung Wai Hing (L) senior partner of Woo Kwan Lo in recognition of the firm's sponsorship towards the project.