Week-long Bespoke Competition Law Training Programme hosted by Blackstone Chambers in London for Woo Kwan Lee & Lo
This was a dedicated, bespoke one week training programme provided to Woo Kwan Lee & Lo by Blackstone Chambers, one of the most renowned barristers’ chambers in London, United Kingdom.

This programme follows the introduction of the Competition Ordinance in Hong Kong in December 2015 and the successful joint seminar organized by Woo Kwan Lee & Lo and Blackstone Chambers in September 2015.  The new Competition Ordinance presents both new challenges and opportunities for our broad spectrum of clientele including business conglomerates in all sectors.  Our team of nine, comprising experienced partners and aspiring young lawyers, took part in the programme in London in March 2016 to bolster our capabilities under this new regulatory landscape.  


The programme featured interactive seminars delivered by prominent names in the legal field, including Monica Carss-Frisk QC, Dinah Rose QC, Thomas de la Mare QC, Kieron Beal QC and Brian Kennelly QC, economists and the academia, with lots of references to real cases and decisions that probed into the European, United Kingdom and other jurisdictions’ experience.  

The programme has broadened our horizons as it does not only discuss the major legal concepts in the competition practices (such as cartels, abuse of market power, ancillary restraints, the SSNIP test and assessment of damages), but it also provides treasurable insights on how to make use of economic analysis and economists’ expertise in preparation of competition law cases.  It paves a superb path to our firm’s practice in this area of laws.