Corporate Challenge 2013 on 13 January 2013 (Sunday) 公益慈善馬拉松
Led by senior partner Mr. Carmelo Lee and consultant Mr. Edward Cheung, along with support from the entire firm, we have 11 solicitors and trainee solicitors taking part in this year’s Half Marathon and 10km race. Runners of the 21km race included Mr. Edward Cheung, Mr. Zhu Xuanfeng, Mr. Sam Tang and trainee solicitor Mr. John Lee. Mr. Cedric Poon, Mr. Arthur Law, Ms. Cindy Tsiang, Mr. Ryan Tsoi, trainee solicitor Mr. Oscar Wong, and secretaries including Miss Yolky Chong and Miss Fanny Ma participated in the 10km run.

As indicated by the Community Chest of Hong Kong as of early January 2013, about 45 organizations have enrolled in the event, with over 2500 runners participating.